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Samuel Tremblay
Samuel Tremblay 9 timer siden
Khabib is such a talented wrestler. He takes you to the ground, you're basically screwed.
kwanda Ngubane
kwanda Ngubane 9 timer siden
How to win against Jon Jones. 1. Don't join ufc 2. Don't fight him
MINDE SET 9 timer siden
UFC only one king the name is khabib
Mohammed Munir
Mohammed Munir 9 timer siden
One of the best enjoyable press conference 🙌😄😄
VsM_Fatality Gaming
VsM_Fatality Gaming 9 timer siden
Happened to me and I'm not on the west coast
Kent Clark
Kent Clark 9 timer siden
Showing class and respects for each other before wrecking each other in the octagon where it should be.
Harry Bush
Harry Bush 9 timer siden
Damn you guys got beat by a guy with wing tattoos
Night twitch
Night twitch 9 timer siden
I came here after jake paul post
The UFC Jedi
The UFC Jedi 9 timer siden
I love Looking for a fight but hate waiting a million years until the next episode comes out, I've seen them all Dana if you read these comments, I know your busy but can you come and do one of these in England (even if the weather is shitty and theirs not much to do) if the English know how to do one thing...its go to war or kickass
IKE 9 timer siden
Conor McGregor speakin enchantment table
You don’t know Me
You don’t know Me 9 timer siden
Unbelievable fight. I hated to see him go down but both men handled it perfectly
Iberian Khartveli
Iberian Khartveli 9 timer siden
Danna comon man, please make Khabib vs George fight. There are millions of people who want to see this fight finally happen. Please, Danna, you have a power to make this fight. At the end of the day this fight will blow UFC media and internet. Please Danna...make it.
Chuco Fishing
Chuco Fishing 9 timer siden
Agreed you the champ if khabib retired why is he still champ ?
Miguel Pessanha
Miguel Pessanha 9 timer siden
4:52 Referee like " but he not dead yet"
KING 9 timer siden
Diaz / McGregor -- 2 best fight, grinder century 👑😎💪
Way Back
Way Back 9 timer siden
Where's the Fight, I Wanna see the Iris Chicken
Pirate King
Pirate King 9 timer siden
Poor guys sitting right behind conor. They'll do fooking noothing
drill zilla
drill zilla 9 timer siden
Not a hater but i feel like the fights dustin - mcgregor are like gta series, aah yeah gta v was good but not what i ve expected, i ll go back to san andreas
xFenix A2x
xFenix A2x 9 timer siden
At 9:00 old Conor comes back. 😂 talking shit back to “Khebab”. This is why I’d rather Conor fight Tony next. It’d be a shit show. 🤬🤬🤬 😂😂
Cezar Alexandru
Cezar Alexandru 9 timer siden
"look at the reach advantage, literally 9 inches would be possessed tonight as an advantage" Jon Jones is packing
Americo R H
Americo R H 9 timer siden
Este Ruso es muy. Bueno en el piso.
Andrea Maccarrone
Andrea Maccarrone 9 timer siden
Conor’s such an overrated fighter... most of his success is due to the fact fighters are overwhelmed by the media pressure so they don’t perform to the best of their capabilities against him. Once they keep emotions at bay and fight smartly they can beat him easily, he has no cardio and no chin (and now not even the will to fight)
Chandra adi winata
Chandra adi winata 9 timer siden
My good luck Indonesia
KING 9 timer siden
Diaz / McGregor -- 2 лучших боя, мясорубка века 👑😎💪
Chino Peras
Chino Peras 9 timer siden
Conor used kicks, movement his hands was wide he used distance... He fought “Doostin” this day
VegasBaller 9 timer siden
Chandler is very impressive. Khabib, just send location.
Альбина Валиахметова
Альбина Валиахметова 9 timer siden
Че тут ни одного русского ?
APM M 9 timer siden
Khabib doesn't give him a second, just constant pressure! Walking him khabib in my humble opinion is the best pound for pound in UFC history.
Cheap-O MTB
Cheap-O MTB 9 timer siden
Dana wasted so many people's time and money trying to find these streamers. Spent $70 and couldn't get the stream to work until the main card. ESPN declined my refund. Google refunded it though 😊
google elgoog
google elgoog 9 timer siden
What the hell are chicks with boobs doing in the ring? What is the tradition of bringing women into the ring?
meme 9 timer siden
is anyone else sick of this maclife fanboy who keeps following connor around? :/
Sean Falcon
Sean Falcon 9 timer siden
it really sucks big-time because everyone who knows anything.And that has seen Hooker,s past bloody brutal battles to the bitter end knows what hooker is capable of.If that was Chandler instead of pourier during the hooker vrs pourier fight and Hooker was on his game like he was that night I think Chandler wouldn't have stood a chance
Oman Hermawan
Oman Hermawan 9 timer siden
Oman H hadir
Нууу Такооое
Нууу Такооое 9 timer siden
When did Khabib actually fight? He hugged all day long men on the totami.
Aripuja Kusuma
Aripuja Kusuma 9 timer siden
Fuck you
Dustin S
Dustin S 9 timer siden
Gathje an eye poking cheater in this video. Video shows more than 1 attempt. Just sad he has to resort to this kind of cheats.
Ultimate Legend
Ultimate Legend 9 timer siden
Kill and Talk too much That's the Difference between The Eagle and Chicken.
Reuben Lalruatfela
Reuben Lalruatfela 9 timer siden
I am Frank Mur
G C 9 timer siden
Hooker performed better than McGregor yikes
Turkish Paşa
Turkish Paşa 9 timer siden
Gregor vs Aldo 2 !!
Luwang Loya
Luwang Loya 9 timer siden
12:17 Mangekyo Sharingan
Andri Eryana
Andri Eryana 9 timer siden
Hahahaha...KO...KO...KO prettttttttt
elettricflow 9 timer siden
minkia che cazzo d'incontro. uno tra i piu belli , nella storia di UFC. Poirier merita sicuramente la vittoria, pero' onore anche hooker, in 2 hanno dato il 300%.
Ratu Glowing
Ratu Glowing 9 timer siden
POLACO BOMBA 9 timer siden
Khabib.... !!!!!!!! 99%
igum guitara
igum guitara 9 timer siden
😂😂😂verry verry short clip..(KN VS CM)
Haidir Haidir
Haidir Haidir 9 timer siden
stupid mc gregor
VAKHA VAKHAEV 9 timer siden
Rinat 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Nature 9 timer siden
rsathletik (Instagram)
rsathletik (Instagram) 9 timer siden
masks must be worn at all times didnt really work out tho
Peter Zoumpoulakis
Peter Zoumpoulakis 9 timer siden
khabib wrestling with gaethje looks like when i wrestle my 8 year old brother😂
Joey Pham
Joey Pham 9 timer siden
The free salad happily release because slip longitudinally improve out a few fierce puffin. bad, closed song
Арсен Салиев
Арсен Салиев 9 timer siden
Хабиб красава 👍
라노애비 9 timer siden
5:50 legend
ahmad 91
ahmad 91 9 timer siden
Dana I like u for your kindness, compassion, humbleness & a respectful attitude towards others. God bless u
Sean Morgan
Sean Morgan 9 timer siden
Dustin is the champ, just needs the belt
Sean Morgan
Sean Morgan 9 timer siden
atta boy, Dustin. Hope you get Conor or Nate next fight
Ismail Safi
Ismail Safi 9 timer siden
When Khabib took Justin down in the first round, Justin looked up and was like" Ok, here we go, shit"
Dre 9 timer siden
He really embarrassed tf outta Alvarez
Ja'siri Choice
Ja'siri Choice 9 timer siden
2:14 is what you came here for
Apple KB
Apple KB 9 timer siden
Standing khabib is weak but ur stressed hes gonna take u down so u cant even stand properly with him,he’s invicible
Fetrik Austin
Fetrik Austin 9 timer siden
This conor should be poirier 3 fight with fans..make it at Dublin will be more crazy
Muhammad Suvian
Muhammad Suvian 9 timer siden
Andrés marcelo Medina sánchez
Andrés marcelo Medina sánchez 9 timer siden
Leander Sæther
Leander Sæther 9 timer siden
Khabib is a possy ater
Cookie Monster
Cookie Monster 9 timer siden
Who’s here after the Dustin fight
Richard Hernandez
Richard Hernandez 9 timer siden
Is it just me or Justin gaethje still looks like he can become champ if khabib really retired
Laurent Beauvilliers
Laurent Beauvilliers 9 timer siden
so boring
Sama Amin
Sama Amin 9 timer siden
ah good old times
LAP1985 9 timer siden
Houston "the watch" Alexander
Hunter Cooper
Hunter Cooper 9 timer siden
3:11 Tj~”he didn’t beat me” Joe~”All Class” lol
Evan Ossinger
Evan Ossinger 9 timer siden
Martial Vibes
Martial Vibes 9 timer siden
That was some tornado kick... 😀
KJ 9 timer siden
Masvidal's victory means nothing. Askren was ahead on the scorecards before he got knocked out.
Darcy Detillieux
Darcy Detillieux 9 timer siden
I rewinded and rewatched Connor getting knocked the fuck out about 10 times and I think I’ll go watch it another 10 more. Couldn’t of happened to a better guy.
MMA Fan1
MMA Fan1 9 timer siden
CIA Official
CIA Official 9 timer siden
the diamond paid his debt in full with a shining performance
Maria aparecida Soares ferreira
Maria aparecida Soares ferreira 9 timer siden
Rodrigo de Ubá Minas Gerais OSS
098chance 9 timer siden
No.i think it was stopped too quick